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Dear xx(sb)

I am a faithful reader of your newspaper. I'm writing the letter for the purpose ofconveying my deepest concern about “White Pollution”.


  It must be admitted that the current situation is going from bad to worse.Therefore, it's urgent for us to take more drastic measures. First and foremost, we should appeal to the authorities concerned to set by stricter regulations against the pollution. In addition, we should enhance the public's awareness of its gravity, which is of vital importance to the solution. Last but not the least, mass media should help devise ways of alleviating the worsening trend.


  Thanks a lot for your due attention to this letter. I’m looking forward to some new changes in our society.

Yours sincerely






Dear Mr. xx

  As one of the regular customers of your e-commerce site, I feel bad to trouble you but I am afraid that I have to make a complaint about the dictionary.


  What I have to complain lies in the following two aspects. In the first place, the paper of the dictionary is of poor quality. In addition, many pages in the dictionary are missing and some of the pages are reversed. Under these circumstances, I find this to be completely unacceptable.


  I appreciate it very much if you could change it for a new one. Preferably, I hope you can give me a full refund. And I would like to have this matter settled in one week. I hope you can look into this matter as soon as possible and I am looking forward to your prompt reply.

Yours sincerely,






Dear xx

  I' m head of a household electric appliance plant, which is a leading manufacturer of high-quality digital recorders. I’m writing the letter for the purpose of inviting you to an exclusive presentation of new models and a reception.


  The presentation will take place at(交代地点) Nobel Hotel on the third of January. I would feel it a great honor if you could come. There will also be a reception at two p. m. I do hope you would attend to.(交代时间)


  Since your presence is of vital importance to this occasion, I genuinely hope that you can make it. Looking forward to seeing you on that day.


  Just call our office at 010-69985421, and will be happy to reserve a place for you.

Yours truly






Dear xx,

    I am writing the letter for the purpose of telling my decision to quit.


  After two months of work, I find it inappropriate for me to serve as an editor here for the following reason. To begin with, I ever expected the job to be challenging and rewarding, which has turned out to be the opposite. In addition, the salary has proved to be much lower than you originally promised and I have a big family to support. In short, I have made my mind to resign from this position after much deliberation.(有条理的说明原因)


  Thanks you for having offered me the splendid opportunity to work with the outstanding staff here. I am sincerely sorry for any convenience caused. Let me know if there is anything I need to do before my departure.(结尾表达感谢+道歉)

Yours truly,







Dear xx,

  I sincerely thank you for inviting me to dinner in your house next Sunday.


  However, now, much to my regret that I may not be able to keep my promise because I have just been caught serious cold, which requires me to take a rest for a long time. And I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. If I get better during this time, I will be there on time.


  I am very sorry for that and really regret(后悔) that I would miss such an excellent chance of enjoying the perfect dishes with friends. Besides, please give my regards to Mr. and Mrs. Rogers when they come to dinner.

Yours truly,






Dear xx,

I am writing the letter for the purpose of applying for be a volunteer for the activity.


  My qualifications, I believe, just amply meet your requirements. Firstly, my major, English, ensures that my educational background is right in line with the position. In addition, my previous working experience as an enthusiastic participant in various sports has helped lay a solid foundation for this job. Finally, I am a good team player, self-motivated and eager to learn. Please refer to my resume for more details.(交代学历、工作、自身特点优势及背景)


  I would be very happy if you should schedule an interview with me. Thanks a lot for your due attention to this letter.



Yours truly,






Dear xx

  I am a to-be graduate from ZheJiang University, I am writing the letter for the purpose of applying for a position.


  My qualifications are follows. Firstly, in the past 4 academic years, I have proved myself to be a straight-a student, awarded a succession of scholarships. In addition, My English is particularly excellent, which will reach the requirements set by a foreign company like yours. Finally, I am a good team player, self-motivated and eager to learn. In short, I believe that I deserve your consideration .(交代院校背景+在学校具备的技能+学校经历+自身优势)


  I should be very happy if you would schedule an interview with me. I am looking forward your reply.


Yours truly,






Dear xx,

  I am writing the letter for the purpose of recommending to you Zhang Mei, one of my best friend. she is seeking employment as a manager.


  As far as I know, her qualifications just amply meet your requirements. For one thing, her previous working experience as a manager of a supermarket has laid a solid foundation for the work here. For another, she is a good team player, self-motivated and eager to learn. Accordingly, I am certain that she deserves your consideration.


  Thanks a lot for your due attention to this letter. I am looking forward to your prompt reply at your earliest convenience.


Yours truly,







Dear xx,

  I am writing to extend my sincere gratitude to you. I am referring to your warm treatment in Great Britain.(表达出感谢的事件)


  When I arrived in Stanford University, it was you who introduced so many of famous professors and celebrated scholars at your University to me. You also invited me to your home and treated me with delicious food. If it had not been for your assistance, I fear that I would not have had such a pleasant stay in Great Britain. My appreciation to your selfless help is beyond any words.(重点叙述感谢内容+为什么感谢)


  I sincerely hope that I can repay your kindness in the near future. Once again, please accept my heartfelt gratitude. I am looking forward to your reply.



Yours truly,








In order to enrich extra-curriculum activities and enhance spoken English for the students, our university is going to hold an English Contest on Oct 10th, 2019 in the school auditorium. (交代活动时间地点)Five foreign teachers will be invited to be judges in this contest, and the scores will be given in terms of your performance and your ability to answer the questions after your prepared speech. (交代活动阵容)The first six winners will be given awards and certificates. (交代奖品)This is a platform for you to practice your oral English and exchange ideas with foreigners and other candidates, and we are waiting for your coming. Those who are interested in participating in the contest may sign up with your classmates before Sept 10th. (交代截止日期)Welcome to join us!

                                                                 Students Union

Sep 1, 2019